Co-ordinating Executive Group

The Co-ordinating Executive Group consists of senior representatives of local authorities, and Civil Defence Emergency Management Group member organisations, and implements the decisions made by the CDEM Group (Joint Committee).

The Co-ordinating Executive Group (CEG) implements the decisions of the Civil Defence Emergency Managament (CDEM) Group and is able to commit the resources of the representatives to the agreed work plan and projects.

The functions of the Co-ordinating Executive Group, and of each statutory member are:

  1. Providing advice to the CDEM Group and any subgroups or subcommittees of the Group
  2. Implementing the decisions of the CDEM Group
  3. Responsible for the implementation, development, maintenance and evaluation of the CDEM Group Plan and work programmes
  4. Coordinating input into the annual planning process
  5. Ensuring effective liaison on, and implementation of, CDEM issues within their respective agencies.


Membership of the Co-ordinating Executive Group is defined in the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.  Statutory Members are as follows (alternative representatives may be nominated by each statutory member):

  • Chief Executive Taranaki Regional Council
  • Chief Executive New Plymouth District Council
  • Chief Executive Stratford District Council
  • Chief Executive South Taranaki District Council
  • Senior Member of New Zealand Police
  • Senior Member of New Zealand Fire Service
  • Chief Executive Taranaki District Health Board

The following are co-opted members and are considered full Members of the Co-ordinating Executive Group:

  • Senior Member St John Ambulance Service
  • Group Controller
  • Chairperson Welfare Co-ordination Group
  • Chairperson Lifelines Advisory Group
  • Chairperson Taranaki Seismic and Volcanic Advisory Group
  • Chairperson Rural Advisory Group
  • Chairperson Hazards Advisory Group
  • Chairperson Hazardous Substances Technical Liaison Committee
  • Chairperson Health Emergency Management Group