Group Recovery Manager

The Group Recovery Manager’s role is to facilitate and co-ordinate the efforts and processes used to bring about the short-, medium-, and long-term holistic regeneration and enhancement of a community after an emergency within the CDEM Group.

Emergencies result in consequences that affect individuals, communities, regions and nations depending on the scale and seriousness of the event. The establishment of recovery activity begins immediately after the impact of an event and works in parallel with response activities.

Recovery is defined as: ‘The coordinated efforts and processes to effect the immediate, medium and long term holistic regeneration of a community following a disaster’. Recovery is a developmental and a remedial process encompassing the following activities:

  • Minimising the escalation of the consequences of the disaster
  • Regeneration of the social, emotional, economic, cultral and physical well-being of individuals and communities
  • Taking opportunities to adapt to meet the social, economic, natural and built environments future needs
  • Reducing future exposure to hazards and their associated risks
  • Supporting the resumption of essential community functions.

The Recovery Manager:

  • Ensure a smooth transition between response and recovery
  • Plans and manages, directs, and co-ordinates activities for the recovery throughout its duration
  • Determines and prioritises major areas of recovery
  • Implements appropriate reporting and tracking mechanisms, including a group recovery action plan
  • Co-ordinates advice on regional assistance
  • Provides regional-level co-ordination of public information related to recovery