Group Welfare Manager

The CDEM Group Welfare Manager prepares for, coordinates, and supports the delivery of welfare services in an emergency to communities within the CDEM Group’s area.

The CDEM Group Welfare Manager:

  • Co-ordinates the CDEM Group welfare services function during reduction and readiness
  • Chairs the CDEM Group’s Welfare Co-ordination Group
  • Oversees the establishment and maintenance of arrangements and plans for 
    • delivery of welfare services during response and recovery
    • co-ordination across welfare services sub-functions during response and recovery
  • Is responsible to the Group Controller in response or the CDEM Group Recovery Manager during recovery for co-ordination of the delivery of services
  • Co-ordinates the agencies responsible for welfare services during response and recovery to ensure that the delivery of services and information are integrated and aligned to meet community need
  • Communicate and report on the provision of welfare services and provide advice to the Group Controller