Taranaki Emergency Management Office

The Taranaki Emergency Management Office (TEMO) is a shared service between all four councils in Taranaki.

TEMO is responsible for:

  • Providing advice and technical support to the Co-ordinating Executive Group and the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group
  • Co-ordination of regional CDEM policy and its implementation
  • Maintaining relationships and robust communication networks with Taranaki CDEM Group partners and other agencies
  • Educating local communities about hazards and how to prepare and respond to them
  • Supporting communities to prepare for emergencies through liaison with community boards and groups
  • Co-ordinating development of community volunteer capability
  • Monitoring and responding to, the adverse effects of emergencies on behalf of the CDEM Group and disseminating warnings
  • Maintaining the Group Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in a ready state
  • Assisting with recovery operations on behalf of the CDEM Group
  • CDEM professional development
  • Developing CDEM strategy and policy, including the ongoing development, implementation, monitoring and review of the CDEM Group Plan and supporting documentation
  • Project coordination and managemen
  • Management of contracts entered into on behalf of the CDEM Group or CEG
  • Representing the CDEM Group on national bodies and projects.

TEMO is also the location of the Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for Taranaki.


TEMO organisational structure

 Taranaki Emergency Management Office strucutre