CDEM Group Plan

Under the Act, every CDEM Group must prepare and approve a Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan.

CDEM Group Plan cover

These plans must state and provide for:

  • The hazards and risks to be managed by the Group
  • The CDEM necessary to manage the hazards and risks
  • The objectives of the plan and the relationship of each objective to the National CDEM Strategy
  • The apportionment between local authorities of liability for the provision of financial and other resources for the activities of the Group, and the basis for that apportionment
  • The arrangements for declaring a state of emergency in the area of the Group
  • The arrangements for co-operation and co-ordination with other Groups.

The Act requires that CDEM Groups consult with the public over the development of their CDEM Group Plan and that interested persons may make submissions about the proposed plan to the CDEM Group. Each CDEM Group Plan must be reviewed after five years in operation.