CDEM Group Plan

The Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Plan for Taranaki sets outs the vision, goals and high-level arrangements for the Taranaki region.

Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan 2018-2023The Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 requires Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management (TEMO) to review its Emergency Management Group Plan for the region every five-years.

As a result, a review and update of Taranaki’s Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan (2018 – 2023) will start shortly. This review will produce an interim Group Plan which will be released to the public who will be invited to provide feedback through a submission process.

An interim plan will be produced due to Central Government and the National Emergency Management Agency being part way through a national emergency management reform programme. Once the reform programme is complete, TEMO will update its interim plan to reflect any new legislation that may be passed by central government.

Once the national reforms have been woven into TEMO’s Emergency Management Group Plan, the public will also be invited to make comments on this plan by way of a submission process.

Any member of the public who wishes to make a submission on this proposal to initiate a review of the Group Plan may send their submission via email to Submissions must be received by 14 April.

The Group Plan provides for effective risk reduction, readiness, response, and recovery in Taranaki by:

  • Identifying Taranaki’s major hazards and risk profile.
  • Clarifying expected roles, responsibilities and functions of all parties contributing to civil defence emergency management.
  • Encouraging cooperative planning and action between the various agencies and the Taranaki community.
  • Outlining the high-level objectives/actions for the Group and its partners for the next five years.