For kids

There are a number of fun and engaging resources available for kids to learn about disasters, hazards and emergency management.

Stan's Land

Stan’s Land is a special place to play and learn about disasters. First choose a disaster, then you’ll be shown a list of activities to choose from. Have fun and be careful.

Turtle Safe

This turtle-safe video is a great resource for teaching young ones about how to protect themselves during an earthquake.

When an earthquake happens things might fall down and it might also be hard to stand up. You have to act quickly and protect yourself from things that might fall on you. Remember how a turtle quickly gets into its shell to keep safe? Here’s what you can do.
If you are inside, quickly get under a table, and hold on to the table legs (if you can) so the table doesn't move away from you. Stay there until the shaking stops and you are told it is safe to come out by an adult.
If you are outside or there are no tables around, take no more than three steps away from things that can fall on you: DROP, COVER and HOLD
Remember there may be aftershocks (more earthquakes).
Practice your earthquake drill: DROP, COVER and HOLD.

Te Hikoi a Ruaamoko - Ruaumoko's Walk

Te Hikoi a Ruaamoko - Ruaumoko's Walk is a bilingual book based on Ngāti Kahungunu legends relating to local hazards.  It was developed by representatives from the Hawke's Bay offices of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Ministry of Education and Te Puni Kōkiri,  Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated, Te Ūranga Waka at the Eastern Institute of Technology and Kahungunu Kōhanga Reo Tari. 

Watch the story book videos below or download Te Hikoi a Ruaamoko - Ruaumoko's Walk at the bottom of this page(external link)