For pets & livestock

During a major disaster your pets need to be looked after too. If you have family pets you will need to include them in your emergency planning.


To get your animals ready:
  • Attach a permanent disc to your pet's collar that clearly states your name, phone number and, if there is room, your address.
  • If you have a dog, ensure that it is registered and wears the licence tag. If your dog is microchipped and registered with your District Council, this information will be automatically registered on the national dog database, enabling better identification and tracing of your dog.
  • Contact your vet regarding microchip and registration options for pets other than dogs.
  • Ensure your pet has regular vaccinations, as many animal shelters will not accept unvaccinated animals.
  • If you are required to evacuate your property during an emergency, if possible your pet should also be evacuated.  Pets can be registered at Civil Defence Centres, but will be cared for at a designated animal facilities.