For work

In an emergency, you could be stuck at work with no transport to get home.

WorkplaceAs disaster could strike at any time, It is important to have a discussion with your employer to outline expectations in an emergency situation. 

You may spend up to one third of your day at work, so consider:
  • Are you able to leave, or will you be expected to work?
  • Do you have dependents that rely on you to be picked up?  If so, do you have a plan in place should you not be able to pick them up?
  • Do you have a Get Home Bag or some emergency supplies at work?
Get Home Bag 
If an emergency strikes while your at work, you may have a tough time getting home or to pick up your kids if the roads are damaged or your usual mode of transport is unavailable. 
Here are the basic items you need in a Get Home Bag to help make the journey home easier:
You may want to add a rain jacket and a first aid kit also.