Community Emergency Plans

Community Emergency Plans (CEPs) are being developed around the Taranaki Region. CEPs are owned by the community in partnership with Taranaki Civil Defence & Emergency Management and other key stakeholders.

Some Community Emergency Plans (CEPs) have been completed in parts of the Taranaki Region.  Others are currently being developed, and more will be developed in the future.  Communities are often first responders to emergencies.  The purpose of these plans is to recognise that there may not be assistance from outside agencies for a period of time, and there are things that communities can do in order to assist in an emergency situation.  Community Emergency Plans cover, but are not limited to, the local hazardscape, local impact assessments in an event, and looking at local resources that could be drawn on in an emergency.

Community Emergency Plans are intended to cover all 4R's of comprehensive emergency management (ReductionReadinessResponseRecovery) to ensure that community is constantly involved in the ongoing process of emergency management.

You'll need to become a official volunteer to be part of a CEP, you can start the process here.

Community Emergency Plan (CEP) Contacts


Mike Pillette: 027 462 3200


Ian Armstrong: 027 231 3216


Marie Pearce: 027 247 2221


Tony Sisson: 027 247 0147