Maintaining an effective biosecurity programme is of critical importance to the quality of life and environmental and economic well-being in New Zealand.

The growth in international trade and passenger movements, intensification of production systems based on exotic species, and climatic and environmental changes, have all increased the risks of incursions of new, harmful organisms.

The Taranaki CDEM Group has identified that incursions by harmful organisms is a significant threat to Taranaki. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is the lead agency for response to such incursions.

The Taranaki CDEM Group will support and assist MPI and provide for emergency welfare for people if requested. 




The Ministry for Primary Industries(external link) is responsible for the leadership of the New Zealand biosecurity system. This encompasses facilitating international trade, protecting the health of New Zealanders and ensuring the welfare of our environment, flora and fauna, marine life and Maori resources.