Before an earthquake

Before an earthquake

  • Develop a Household Emergency Plan
  • Assemble and maintain your emergency survival Items for your home and workplace, as well as a portable getaway kit
  • Practice Drop, Cover and Hold
  • Identify safe places within your home, school or workplace - such as under a sturdy table, or next to an interior wall. The safe place should be within a few steps or two metres of where you are to avoid injury from flying debris
  • Check your household insurance policy for cover and amount
  • Seek qualified advice to make sure your house is secured to its foundations and ensure any renovations comply with the New Zealand Building Code
  • Quake-safe your home - secure heavy items of furniture to the floor or wall.


Drop, Cover, Hold

In New Zealand, Drop, Cover and Hold is right action to take in an earthquake.



After an earthquake your home may be a mess, you could be without a water supply, and someone in your household could be injured. Fortunately there are things you can do to help prevent damage and injury from earthquakes before it happens. Visit EQC's "Fix. Fasten. Don't Forget(external link)" website