Before a tsunami

Getting ready before a tsunami strikes will help reduce damage to your home and business and help you survive.

Preparing for a tsunami

  • If you have a disability or special requirements, arrange with your support network to alert you of any warnings and emergency broadcasts.
  • Develop a Household Emergency Plan and have a Getaway Kit ready.
  • Know where the nearest high ground is and how you will reach it. Plan to get as high up or as far inland as you can. Plan your escape route for when you are at home, as well as for when you may be working or holidaying near the coast.

Natural Warning Signs 

If an earthquake or under water landslide happens close to shore, we wont be able to send out an official alert of an incoming tsunami so it's important that you know that natural warning signs so you can act to save your life. Check them out below: 

Tsunami natural warning signs