During a tsunami

During a tsunami:

  • Take your getaway kit with you if possible. Do not travel into the areas at risk to get your kit or belongings
  • Take your pets with you if you can do so safely
  • Move immediately to the nearest higher ground, or as far inland as you can
  • Walk or bike if possible and drive only if essential
  • If driving, keep going once you are well outside the evacuation zone to allow room for others behind you
  • If you cannot escape the tsunami, go to an upper storey of a sturdy building or climb on to a roof or up a tree, or grab a floating object and hang on until help arrives
  • Boats are usually safer in water deeper than 20 metres than if they are on the shore. Move boats out to sea only if there is time and it is safe to do so
  • Never go to the shore to watch for a tsunami. Stay away from at-risk areas until the official all-clear is given
  • Listen to your local radio stations as emergency management officials will be broadcasting the most appropriate advice for your community and situation.